About Us

About Us

We are engineersBeyond engineering.

As Turkey's largest manufacturer since 1965 we produce machinery, we make turnkey projects, we design and build projects according to your requests. Yemmak is the first feed mill machinery manufacturer company in the private sector in Turkey , this experience bring us to be in strength  and provide for many different industries services.

Industries which we provide service in;

Feed (Poultry, Ruminant, Pet Food, Aquatic, Flake), Biomass, Premix and Concentrate, Organic Fertilizer Processing, Rendering, Soybean Processing, By-Product Pelleting, Chemical, Storage and Transportation.

We provides services in project consulting and engineering, special-purpose projects, automation, modernization, steel construction and after-sales support with a 300-strong staff of lead specialist engineers.

As one of Europe's largest manufacturer with 55 years of experience in process engineering, we export 70 percent of our production to four continents.

"We are an industry-leading company in Turkey and well-known in Europe. We are also among the few companies that can manage machinery, process and turnkey projects from a single headquarters."

We are aware that national attempts are key to producing leading-edge technology.

Today, we are in a leading position not only with our knowledge and experience, but also with our global reach. We are ready to be your global solution partner with our worldwide representatives and technical service network. We know that our customers rely on our expertise, high-quality products and exclusively-designed smart solutions, and we develop our projects with their satisfaction in  mind.

"300+ Turnkey Projects Worldwide"

We provide a wide range of top-quality design, production, and assembly services to boost your efficiency and lower your energy costs.

We see each project as a complete system, and identify for our customers the most optimal and reliable solutions. We strive to transform factories to help them maximize their marginal benefit through pioneering projects.

Having the largest R&D center in Turkey.
We believe continuity is the foundation of all valuable achievements.

We know that creativity and innovation are achieved only through continuity. Therefore, we develop projects to meet your needs for a world that is changing faster than ever before. Our R&D center, the largest one in the industry, creates tailor-made design concepts ensuring that you get the maximum benefit for the lowest cost.


70% Export: We compete in the global market and export 70 percent of our production to Far East countries, Middle East countries, Turkish Republics, CIS countries, African countries and Scandinavian countries.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To protect nature for the future of our planet and to be the pioneer of innovative production with sustainable technologies

Our Mission

To adapt to changing global dynamics and to take forward-looking actions, to carry out pioneering projects, to help maximize the marginal benefits of factories with advanced and user-friendly technologies, to develop high-quality and economic solutions that will increase productivity and reduce production costs.

Our Values

• Reliable
• Efficient
• Sensitive
• Transparent

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Şenpiliç's Reliable Solution Partner

The largest integrated poultry meat producer in Turkey, Şenpiliç  ranks 66th among Turkey’s “Top 100 Industrial Enterprises.”

Şenpiliç chose Yemmak to design the “Largest Feed Mill in Europe”, which has a capacity of 240-ton/hour.



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