Yemmak produces screw extruders covering a range of performances and applications.


The word extrusion encompasses the processes of kneading the product, heating at high pressure and squeezing the material through a mold. This method is also known as "high temperature - short time" due to its short exposure to high temperatures.

Extrusion technology is used for two main purposes in the feed industry:

  •  Improving feed quality by mechanical and heat treatment in extruder
  •  Shaping the feed by compressing the material from a mold (turning it into granules or pellets)

It is used in the feed industry in extrusion, soybean processing, pet food and aquatic feed production.

The application of extrusion has the following advantages:
  •  Mechanical grinding. Feed gains a fine structure suitable for digestion. During the expansion at the extruder outlet, the internal structure of the material deteriorates, which increases the surface area and helps the transport of nutrients in the digestive system.
  •  The transformation (denaturation) of proteins. Short-term exposure to a temperature of 100 ° C with simultaneous pressure in the extruder causes efficient conversion (denaturation) of the proteins, which increases the energy value of the feed.
  •  Deactivation of enzymes.
  • Significant reduction in anti-nutritional substances and natural toxins. Extrusion is effective in separating many anti-nutrition agents. For example, extrusion of soybeans leads to a significant decrease in urease activity. Another suitable advantage for feeding monogastric animals is the reduction of trypsin inhibitors in feed.
  • Conditions (heat and pressure) inside the extruder kill bacteria, mold and other unwanted organisms and pests. Extrusion thus stops the production of mycotoxins, which provides a longer storage life.
  • Gelatinization of starch. Starch is both common and important feature of the feed. Complex saccharides become simpler during extrusion, which makes feed easier to digest.
  • Homogenization and shaping. During extrusion, all ingredients of the feed are mixed. Squeezing through a matrix with a certain profile can shape the feed particles in different ways (for example, applies to pet food). Successful shaping and holding of the final form is only possible with the extrudate containing sufficient binding agent (most commonly starch).

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