In this process, products such as legumes, granulated materials, salt, granular chemicals, pulps, feeds, grains, cement, construction chemicals, coals, stones and corns are packaged.

Packaging machines have local control screens and they work with the help of operators. In many industries, these machines weigh and pack powder and granular products.

The parameters of these machines differ with various working formulas depending on the product type. Their scale feeding rates can be adjusted as fast, medium or slow for a precise and quick weighing process. Feeding rates are adjusted according to the product type. Product reports are generated regarding raw material usage amounts and the number of sacks filled.

The operator places a bag to the filler to start the machine, and then the machine precisely fills the set amount of product into the bag in three stages. This process goes on continuously. A sewing band is an optional accessory. The bagging scale is electronic and microprocessor-controlled. Packaging machines provide reports about the quantity and weight of the filled bags. They can also be connected to an electronic device such as a PLC or a computer.

Valves and fillers are selected according to the product type. With the help of its talented engineers, Yemmak produces net and gross bagging scales, valve bag filling machines and big bag filling stations according to the product type.


Feed Industry

Feeds are all the ingredients that are orally consumed and contain...

By-Product Pelleting

We produce engineering solutions for needs.

Biomass Pelleting

Yemmak plays a major role in producing resources of biological origin, which humanity will always have a need for, and contributes to the country's economy by using these resources.

Organic Fertilizer Processing

Poultry and livestock droppings are mixed in ponds and converted into ...


The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.

Premix and Concentrate

Premix products are produced as feed additives. They consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other compounds.


We produce engineering solutions for needs in the chemical industry.


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