Fat Pressing

Fat Pressing

Fat pressing is a process which used in rendering units and oilseed processing plants enables oil to be extracted from the solid product.

Apart from the fats that melt during the cooking process, meat, bones and offal in the cooked product as solid still contain a certain amount of removable fat. These oils contain highly valuable proteins. These can be used as feed additives in modern feed mills. In this way, value added products are produced. While the screw group in the oil press advances the product, the hydraulic plug puts pressure on the product and the resulting oil is filtered through the grids and into the bottom vessel. In the construction of the fat press, the press spiral, its wedges and blades are passed through a special heat treatment to ensure that the desired oil ratio remains in the pulp and the machine operates with high efficiency. Press spiral and wedges are produced from special alloy steel material, press blades are produced from special alloy induction steel material and with special hardness by heat treatment.

There are four major reasons why this oil should be removed.
  • It positively affects the transportation and storage of the product
  • Extends the expiration date of the product
  • High amount of protein in the extracted fat
  • Legal obligation to remove oil

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Fat Screw Press

Fat Screw Press, used in oilseed pressing and...


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