In composting, microorganisms biochemically decompose organic compounds in waste by using oxygen. The process takes approximately 30 to 45 days.  The compost produced is used as an organic fertilizer in agriculture.

To produce compost fertilizer, poultry and cattle manures are placed into an enclosed composting pool to be fermented. In these pools, the manures are constantly mixed and aerated to create the oxygen-rich environment microorganisms need to grow and reproduce.

Mixing is achieved with a high-tech Yemmak dehydrator machine moving on rails over closed compost pools and the compost fertilizer is fermented in approximately 100-meter long pools. After fermentation, the compost fertilizer is generally homogeneous. However, there may be lumps in the fertilizer. So, it needs to be ground with a lump breaker.

The fertilizer is then kept in the sterilization unit at a suitable temperature for a suitable time to eliminate all the harmful microorganisms. After sterilization, the fertilizer is directly packaged or it is pelletized before packaging depending on the process and the area of use.


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Organic compost turner is used in the fermentation process of organic wastes.


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