Batch Cooker

Batch Cooker

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Made of thick material

Batch cooker is used for cooking animal by-products such as; meat, offal and bone mixtures, poultry animals’ feathers, internal organs and blood etc.

Active temperature. Pressure and residence time control.
Batch cooker consists of specifically designed rotor and paddles.  Cooker gets a smooth start up with a counter measure against heavy loads from a reductor with a two way rotating engine and ‘V’ shaped pulley which is tied to its hydraulic coupling output. Cooker’s body is designed with a steam jacket. The rotor has a rotatory steam nozzle attached. The nozzle emits steam into the rotor itself. The rotor is supported by heavy duty bearings from both sides and the rotor mill prevents leakage with the adjustable gasket. 10 Bars of steam jacketing and 5 Bars of body pressure is applied.

Steam jacket, intake and exit vents are all welded into the shell plate. All the steam and condensation armatures, as well as the gauges and surface coating on the cookers and the heat insulation are thoroughly tested and the boilers are delivered after their quality is assured.

Dual funnels can be applied at facilities where the material intaking is done automatically. Material is being taken from one of the funnels whereas the other one – pressure safety sensors.

"You will find quality, durability and high efficiency together with Yemmak RC Series batch cooker. Besides its wide capacity range, it offers the ability to work under heavy duty conditions."



The cooking process is to sterilize, hydrolyze and dry animal waste.




The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.


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