Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

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Highlight Feature

Dust-proof body & Galvanized coating & Easy bucket change

Bucket elevators are used for carrying grains vertically. These elevators are made of galvanized sheet steel and engineered between 60m3/h and 700m3/h capacities.

They are easy assembled thanks to screw supported connections and the modular body type.There is a dust explosion exit on drive section for security as per standarts.There is an adjusted polyethylene plate and maintanence window to prevent the carried products from returning. Upper section has two pieces to open. It’s easy to service and has spare parts available.

Depending on the propeller engine’s power, a direct coupled engine, reduction engine or a strap-rim propelled reduction engine can be used for safest and efficient drive. The return-lock on the reductors prevent buckles from rolling back and spilling material in case of power outages. Rubber plated propelling barrel can be serviced easily via conoid pliers. Optionally two sensors which monitor strap slipping can be attached opposite to each other to ensure a confident operation.

Apart from housing two dust leak-proof maintanence and cleaning hatches, the idler headstall has also four maintanence windows. There is a stretching mechanism to determine the strap’s tightness and centrifuge. The idler barrel is designed with gratings in order to clean between the strap and the idler barrel. Cycling sensor which records/enumerates the idler barrel’s number of rotations provides a safe operation. Optionally two sensors which monitor strap slipping can be attached opposite to each other.

Efficient Transport With Dust Filter and  Air Bypass Valve
Elevator columns are made of galvanized sheet steel and are easily assembled/disassembled thanks to the screw supported connections. Fine grained products can be transferred efficiently by the help of a 4600 mm long dust filter, present above the idler section and an air bypass valve which neutralizes the air created by the elevator. Elevator column has a monitoring window hatch and can be assembled in the height as per need. Depending on the working environment and the product, either plastic or metal press buckets are used.



Raw material transportation systems come with various types of equipment such as screw conveyors, chain conveyors and elevators.



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