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Made of stainless material

Deodorizer is used for deodorizing odoriferous steam from the cooking boiler with water and certain chemicals at the rendering units. 

It’s made of 304 quality stainless materials and its body consists of three parts. Bottom section houses a chemical-water composition. This solution is pumped to the top section. On its way back to bottom, it runs into the odoriferous steam. The steam goes into a chemical reaction with the water-chemical solution and loses its smell.

The fins in the machine retain the liquid particles in the air. When the amount of solution in the tank decreases an actuator valve turns on and lets the mains water flow into the tank. Dosing system on the equipment allows the required amount of chemicals into the water.

 In course of the machine’s operation, solution will get contaminated. To ensure its deodorizing performance, the actuator valve underneath the tank will be turned on at configured intervals and required amount of solution will be discharged. Then the fresh solution will fill the tank.

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Vapor & Odor Treatment

Vapor and Odor Treatment prevents unpleasant...




The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.


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