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Anti-metabolites in the oil bearing seeds are eliminated and their cells are lysed. Extrusion makes the starch compounds in the grains to be easily digestable. 

It stabilizes herbal and animal based oils. It recycles some of the animal and vegetable residuum and makes them re-usable as feed additive.

Wet Extrusion Process:

Feed which is homogeneously blended with steam in the conditioner is being conveyed by screw system in the extuder’s body. Pressure is increased by narrowing of the sections and friction. Extra heat can be added depending on preferrence. Thanks to high pressure and temperature, cooking is in process and the water is boiled. After this process stock material is enlarged and given shape while anti-metabolites are eliminated. Soy pulp and seeds have a trypsin inhibitor. This inhibitor mitigates the pancreatic trypsin enzyme and this very enzyme helps breaking down of proteins and resolving of amino-acids. Like the similar inhibitors, its bad effects can be eliminated by cooking. Should the inhibitor is not exterminated, proteins and amino-acids will be of no use; leaving the feed unnutritional. As a result, decline in animal growth will be observable.

Dry Extrusion Process:

Without using steam, the produce that is grinded by the sprig feeder is conveyed through the screw system; pressure is increased via narrowing of sections and friction. Heat is produced in this process. Heat cooks the feed. Anti-metabolites are eliminated, fatty cells are lysed without harming the proteins in this short but effective cooking process. As a result we reveal the oil compound in the feed. Whenever the free fats leave the extruder, the final produce will have a liquid-like look. For example soy comes out from the extruder looking like liquid at 145°C (293°F). In a matter of seconds the produce absorbs the oil and oil stays stabilized, in high levels and digestable in the soy flour.



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