Fat Screw Press

Fat Screw Press

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Heat treated screw group

ROP Series Fat Screw Press, used in oilseed pressing and rendering units is made of completely steel parts.

Products which will be used to squeeze oil out of are fed steadily to the machine through a vertical feeding spring. While a series of screws carries the product forward, a hydraulic press applies pressure on the product, the generated oil then is filtered through the screens and collected in the tray beneath.

Durable and robust.
Oil screw conveys the machine towards the oil outlet (line). Squeezed product comes out of the ‘dry material section’. The Fat Press has a sturdy steel frame and the internal batch of screws are made of heat treated steel. The robust driveline is on the machine and is in a compact shape.

You will find the Yemmak fat press together with its strong steel structure, quality, durability and high efficiency. Dry goods removal is automated thanks to the hydraulic press mechanism. Long life is aimed with heat treated screw group.


Fat Pressing

Fat pressing is a process which used in rendering units and oilseed processing plants enables oil to be extracted from the solid product.




The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.

Soybean Processing

Soybeans have the highest protein ratio among oilseeds and are very nutritious.


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