Horizontal Belt Dryer

Horizontal Belt Dryer

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DHBD series dryers are used to make the product suitable for processes such as packaging, storage and transportation by removing excess moisture from the product through heat and mass transfer. The product, whose water activity decreases with the drying process, can be transferred to the next processes in a more sterile and stable state.

Modular structure.

In the horizontal dryer, whose length and height can be adjusted thanks to its modular structure, excess moisture is removed from the product with the increased moisture holding ability of the air heated by steam radiators.

It is designed to provide the desired humidity reduction in optimum energy and time, thanks to its adjustable-speed air flow, radiator thermal capacity and conveyor belt speed.


Cooling & Drying

Cooling machines produced by the Yemmak's expert engineers are used for cooling pellet feed, processed granular products, ground feed and rendered feed in the pet food facilities, chemical facilities, fertilizer production factories, and biomass



Aquatic Feed

Today, fish meat is gradually becoming more important in human nutrition as the need for protein and energy is continuing to increase. This increases the need for more or larger fish farms and for more aquatic feed.

Pet Food

The global demand for pet food is on the rise and a nutritious diet is important for the health of our pets. Cat and dog food quality is affected by various factors such as size, shape, color and density.


We produce engineering solutions for needs in the chemical industry.


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