Premix Lift

Premix Lift

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Highlight Feature

Security sensors

Premix lift system enables packaged premix products to be easily carried on wooden pallets to the upper floors of the facilities. Premix lifts provide great assistance in reducing the workload at the facility.


Simple and effective.
Packaged products are put in a cabin. Then, this cabin is pulled upwards by the steel-rope electric crane system. The cabin is contained in a steel construction. Rails on this construction guide the cabin with the help of attached rollers.

Safety lock sensors are present on each floor of the PL series premix lift system. These sensors ensure the doors stay closed until the lift arrives at the floor.


Raw Material Intake

Raw material intake is the first step of the production process.



Poultry Feed

Poultry feed production is becoming more important day by day as the population...

Ruminant Feed

Ruminant feed, the most consumed feed group in the world...

Aquatic Feed

Today, fish meat is gradually becoming more important in human nutrition as the need for protein and energy is continuing to increase. This increases the need for more or larger fish farms and for more aquatic feed.

Pet Food

The global demand for pet food is on the rise and a nutritious diet is important for the health of our pets. Cat and dog food quality is affected by various factors such as size, shape, color and density.

Premix and Concentrate

Premix products are produced as feed additives. They consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other compounds.


We produce engineering solutions for needs in the chemical industry.


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