Rotary Drum Cooler

Rotary Drum Cooler

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RDC Series rotary drum coolers are usually used in soy and rendering units. 

Clyinder shaped body is 3° to 5° tilted and it’s covered end to end by flaps. 

The material goes down through the intake screw of the cooler with rotational movement. Flaps also help material advance through the body of the cooler. The material is cooled by air flowing opposite to the material’s direction. Aspirated hot air is cleaned of particles by the cyclone and fan. 


Cooling & Drying

Cooling machines produced by the Yemmak's expert engineers are used for cooling pellet feed, processed granular products, ground feed and rendered feed in the pet food facilities, chemical facilities, fertilizer production factories, and biomass



Poultry Feed

Poultry feed production is becoming more important day by day as the population...


The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.

Soybean Processing

Soybeans have the highest protein ratio among oilseeds and are very nutritious.


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