Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

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Highlight Feature

Hardened screws

YEMMAK single screw FPFE Series extruder enables the production of high quality fish food or pet food with minimal operating cost.

It is important to consider feed properties for fish and shellfish. YEMMAK offers unique, high-capacity extrusion lines for the production of all types of feed for fish and shellfish. YEMMAK extruders ensure that the feed has the correct physical properties. It gives the feed properties to sink into the water according to where it needs to be reached.

Various models and optional accessories are available to provide the optimum solution for special needs in pet food production. The pet food market is in constant development, and increasing considerations for the health and well-being of pets are causing new standards and higher demands for the pet food industry. Pet food is expected to come in many different shapes, colors and flavors. In addition to the benefits of proper nutrition, the demand for high quality pet food with an attractive visual appearance requires advanced, multifunctional equipment. The YEMMAK extruder enables our customers to meet these increasing demands of pet food consumers.

Features of FPFE Series Single Screw Extruders

  • High capacity extrusion: 4-5 t / h
  • With its high degree of processing flexibility, it enables the production of desired fish feed or pet food.
  • User-friendly design for operation and maintenance minimizes downtime.
  • There are barrels equipped with temperature and pressure sensors. In order to control the temperature, water is circulated through the jackets of the barrels and cooling is performed and the automation system enables the water valve to be opened and closed according to the data received from the temperature sensor.
  • Thanks to the steam and liquid addition ports on the barrels, the desired liquid product is added to the fish meal or pet food.
  • Throughout the extruder there are replaceable screws and liners that are wear resistant. Extruder screws and liners are made of specially hardened alloy steel.
  • There is a disc that gives the desired shape to the food at the extruder outlet. The extrusion process is terminated by cutting the feed pellet with hardened cutting blades that can be operated at different speeds in order to adjust the length of the feed.



Extrusion is a fast and cost-effective way to...



Aquatic Feed

Today, fish meat is gradually becoming more important in human nutrition as the need for protein and energy is continuing to increase. This increases the need for more or larger fish farms and for more aquatic feed.

Pet Food

The global demand for pet food is on the rise and a nutritious diet is important for the health of our pets. Cat and dog food quality is affected by various factors such as size, shape, color and density.


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