Yemmak Is The Leader Of Exporting Feed Machinery Again In 2020

Yemmak Is The Leader Of Exporting Feed Machinery Again In 2020

Yemmak’s concentration on the domestic market to meet the demands local investors during the ongoing pandemic, that affected 2020, has brought success both domestically and in exports simultaneously.

According to a 2020 export database release from the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM), shows Yemmak with the highest market share in the feed machinery industry for the region and throughout Turkey, while continuing its leadership role in exports.


As a result of the reports received from TIM, Yemmak Vice General Manager Halil Yırtımcı says his company’s position as first place in exports continues, while the needs of domestic investors were given priority during the pandemic process.

Mr. Yırtımcı continued to his words as follows: “In this period of disruptions in the global supply chain and raw material problems, we have prioritised the demands of the domestic market by continuing production uninterrupted. In 2020, we established all of the large compound feed facilities that have been operating in many regions of Turkey and put them at the disposal of investors."

“We are conscious of driving force in Turkey's development is in exports.”

Stating that Turkey had a difficult year in exports, Halil YIRTIMCI added, "While exports in many sectors decreased by 20 percent on the basis of foreign currency, this rate was limited to 4.5 percent in general machinery and accessories exports.

YIRTIMCI said, “Despite these developments, we maintained our strong position in exports.”
Yemmak, is the first producer in the private sector for the production of feed machinery in Turkey and became the export champion of its sector in 2020, which it has been for many years, by not breaking with tradition. “I would like to thank all my colleagues once again for their high performance and efforts during this challenging period,” he adds.

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